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Data Entry

Data Entry Jobs. What is it all about? How does it work?

Well Data Entry jobs can be broadly divided into following types:

1. Data Entry Service. It can be online when user enters the data while connected to the clients network Online. Otherwise it can be offline where user can prepare the data from anywhere and then just dumo it at the clients site once.

2. Data Processing. This type of service essentially require the user to take som data from the client and process it in the desired form like a reort after analysing it. May be little more complex than simple data entry as it might require knowledge of analysing nd processing data.

3. Data Conversion. This type of service essentially requires the user to convert the data from one format to another either manually or by using some tools. Most commonly it includes the transciption from handwritten scripts to a digital format document.

4. Image Scanning Indexing. This type of service offers the client means to organise their image and other document media by scanning and indexing or tagging it for fast recovery.

The genuine Data Entry jobs available on internet are mostly some of these types of services offered by a company to a client and individual work being outsourced to people on contrac t basis.
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