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How to Earn through Online Stores

To earn through online stroes you don't need to have your own e-commerce site for online shopping. There are a number of popular sites already like ebay.

Here are the steps to make some legal money through online stores.

1. Setup an account with the online shopping site by registering yourself as a seller.

2. Make a list of exclusive stuff that may be available in nearby area. Try to include stuff which is not easily available everywhere.

3. Put the items from your list for sale with proper pics and details. You can get these from net easily.

4. Mention the price that should include your procurement cost as well as your profit margin for each product.

5. Include shipping charges based on type of shipping. Enquire a shipping company for the charges details.

6. Mention the tie you'll require to ship the product. This should include the time you might take to procure the goods, package them and send to the couriier guys.

7. Once you receive an order. Procure the goods, Package them, Ask the courier guys to pickup,
Update the tracking details.

Sounds simple. Now here are few tips that might increase your sales over the period of time.

1. Put the base price of a product low, Make your profit in shipping.

2. Include good details for the products. Pics, Specs, Package contents are the details that I look out for in general.

3. Lookout for feedback for your service. once you receive a good number of positive feedbacks, your sales will increase significantly.

4. Try to include products which are specialiies of your city, or exclusive to a certain certain region. These products tend to sell more since they are not easily available everywhere but its not a problem for you.

5. Include newly launched products. People are nore interested in whats new. Try to sell what you would like to buy.

6. Don't buy anything in advance and keep any stock. Buy and send as you get orders. So you have nothing to loose.

7. If you find a great deal for a popular product, you may go ahead with purchasing a few pieces. As you can sell them at higher price once the deals are over.

All the best.
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