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10 Offline Ways to Make Money From Your Home

Many individuals dread the mornings of rush hour, spending hours sitting in a little office and then fighting that after work traffic to get home. There are many ways to make a living without that 9-5 office drudgery.

1. Bed & Breakfast - If you live in a major city such as London and have a few spare bedrooms then turn your home into a bed & breakfast. While it does mean a lot of time and effort, the friends you make from around the world is worth it.

2. Childcare - For those who love children than opening your home to them during the standard workday is a great idea. Check with your city to find out what type of rules, and regulations you need to adhere to before opening your establishment

3. Computer Specialist - If you are the computer expert that all your friends and family come to with their computer problems then start your own computer repair and technical problem solving business. This is a high-demand and high paying business.

4. Home Tutor - If you expertise lies in Mathematics, Writing, or Science then hire yourself out to students in the local schools and universities for private tutoring out of your home. Advertise in the local newspapers and speak with public school teachers to get clients.

5. Web Design - Today, to be successful, your company must advertise on the Internet. The need for creative and affordable web designers is growing.

6. Business Consulting - This is a great way for retirees to make a little extra money. Offer your wisdom and expertise to those currently involved in your former business.

7. Personal Shopper - Many people are too busy these days to shop for their families or themselves. By offering your services as a personal shopper you can work out of your home and spend the days shopping.

8. Baker - If friends and family rave over your cookies or casserole consider baking at home for a living. Offer your baked goods to local establishments for starters.

9. Tailor - For those of you that have sewing experience an in-home tailoring business is a great idea. Speak with local clothiers about offering your services to their establishments.

10. Gardening - If you enjoy gardening and have the room in your yard then considers growing plants for sale to the public. Bonsai and spring blooming plants and shrubs as well as herbs are very popular today.

When choosing a home based business, first take a look at yourself and your talents. If you have a hobby or have been educated or have experience in a particular area of business then do not be afraid to set up your own business at home.

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