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If you’re looking for short-term work, you might want to explore the many seasonal jobs available to people. Though most may think of the seasonal job as a retail position during the winter holidays, there are actually many types of work that occur in different seasons and require a higher number of employees than usual. Sometimes the seasonal job is tourism based. For instance, it’s pretty easy to find summer jobs at places like theme parks, on cruise ships, or in hotels and restaurants with heavy summer tourist traffic. Employing a higher number of people year round wouldn’t make sense, but having extra employees during peak season can help with the extra work required.

Another industry known for its seasonal job market is agriculture. During harvesting of grapes, other fruits and vegetables, extra hands are needed. Sometimes these jobs are highly technical. A chemist or biologist who works as an enologist, helping to test and produce quality wine may be employed on a seasonal job basis, instead of year round. At other times, the work required in agriculture is primarily labor based, where people good at harvesting produce are chosen.

Other jobs that might be seasonal include work in the construction field. During rainy and snowy seasons, you can’t build a house with much ease. Most construction is done when the weather will be reasonably predictable, and where workers don’t have to fear things like rain destroying the interior of a home. More construction workers are needed during the seasons of peak production, and especially those workers who are skilled at labor have an easier time finding seasonal employment.

If you don’t have the capacity to participate in a harvest or do basic construction, there are plenty of jobs in the leisure industry and in retail available on a seasonal basis. Winter holidays tend to promote quite a few seasonal jobs in retail. Most companies hire workers right after Thanksgiving, and keep them employed until New Years Day. Amusement Parks may offer seasonal jobs only, since many of these parks are not open year round. Another type of seasonal job market is the temporary work available during country or state fairs. Tons of people are needed to run booths, or possibly to augment the staff of carnival workers. These jobs run the length of a carnival or fair and may be good for people who only have a few weeks to work.

The seasonal job then is a short-term position based on season, or a higher demand of workers for particular parts of the year. For people seeking to make a little money, or who suddenly have extra time, these jobs can be an excellent opportunity. You can also build relationships with employers who take on seasonal employees. If you’ve worked well for an employer in a prior season, they’re probably more inclined to hire you in the future, as they’re well aware of your skills and dependability.
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