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10 Step Checklist for Legitimate Work at Home Opportunity

Finding a work at home opportunity that meets your needs and pays well is tough enough, through in the additional requirement that is has to be a legitimate and you could be in a for a long search. Once you find a business that meets your check list, use the check list provided below to determine if its a legitimate work at home job.

1. Has the work at home job been in business for more than 6 years? If so, this is a good sign.

2. Has the company been featured in any magazines? You can get a lot of information about a company by reading about them. Also keep in mind that magazines don't always give work at home jobs good reviews so be sure to read the article to see if the magazine thinks its a legitimate work at home opportunity.

3. Does the company have a physical address? If a company does not provide an address that you can physically visit, pass them by.

4. Are you offered regular wages? Most legitimate work at home opportunities offer competitive wages. You're not paid an hourly wage but are paid by how long the project takes, the type of project or how many items you sell. If a company makes claims that you will earn a regular wage be wary. Online jobs offer the benefits of working at home they cant offer security.

5. Do you have to invest in inventory, training or equipment? If so, is the company willing to send you a sample? If the company denies your request to see a sample of the product it is probably not legitimate. Also how much is what your paying for actually worth. Obviously if the company charges an outrageous price its a hoax but also beware of companies that charge too low. This usually means that they want to get their hands in everyones pocket. Legitimate work at home opportunities only want to work with serious candidates.

6. Is experience necessary? Beware of opportunities that claim that anyone can be successful doing it. Any company that is legitimate will only want to work with the best. Theyre not only going to hire just anyone. If the company states that you earn a large income having no experience chances are its a scam.

7. Whos involved with the company? Who are their sponsors or endorsers? Who are the founders and co-founders? Does the company allow you to meet them?

8. What exactly does the job entail? If you see an ad that says, no selling, no P/C experience, no telephone calls to make, no answering emails, no prospecting or cold calls you're probably walking into a scam. Most jobs, even offline, require you do at least one of the following. If the company will not give you a detailed explanation of what you will be doing it is not a legitimate work at home opportunity.

9. Do you have to pay for more information? No legitimate work at home opportunity is going to make you pay to find out about what the job is. If the ad or website says, send money to find out more walk away.

10. Can you talk to present employees to verify claims? Ask to speak to people (at least 4) in your area that are with the company and doing the job you're applying for. If the company refuses it may not be legitimate. Once you do speak with the workers find out as much as you can about the job and the company. Workers that only have positive things to say are probably trying to recruit you into a pyramid scheme. There is no perfect job, so find out the good and the bad.

Use this checklist whenever you're interested in applying or working with a work at home company. It will help you determine if it is a legitimate work at home opportunity.
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