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Rebate Processor Jobs: Are They The New Work From Home Scams?

The work from home industry is booming and will seemingly keep growing as time goes on and technology continues to advance. With every week there is a new work from home opportunity that pops up catches the eyes of eager workers. Most recently the work at home job that is making the most noise is rebate processor work.

There are several companies out there that claim they have a database of companies that will pay you as much as twenty dollars per single rebate that you process. The fee to get access to this listing ranges from thirty seven to two hundred dollars.

The way that rebate processor jobs are presented many people gladly pay the costs believing that they will recoup that money with days of working. Others would probably even pay more for the opportunity since it actually seems like a really great way to make money from home.

The truth of the matter is that there are very few real rebate processor jobs that you can do for large corporations working from home. What you see advertised on the internet are jobs which are disguised as rebate processing work in a deceptive manner.

They make you pay for a program that tells you to go sign up as an affiliate for a variety of info products. However these affiliate networks are open to the public and do not require any participation fees. In regards to the rebate processing these companies don not actually have rebates that require processing.

The way it works is that when you are an affiliate for a product any time you refer a sale through your special tracking link you will earn a commission. What these programs tell you to do is to simply offer a rebate on the cost of the product and then split your commission with the customer.

This program would be fine if they marketed it as an affiliate marketing sales strategy and not a work from job. They also do not tell you about all the costs involved with running this type of operation. In order to get these sales you need to advertise these products with the search engines. This type of advertising costs money and depending on which product you choose it can cost over a hundred dollars a day.

This is why these rebate processors programs are called scams because they deceive people into thinking that they are going to get a real job but instead give them an affiliate marketing course. You can make money this way but they do not provide you with the correct training, and there are much better programs available for these types of ventures.
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