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Minors and Teen Job Options

Here are some of the jobs that are available for teenagers. Remember, there might be limits to what you can do depending on how old you are. And in some places you may also be required to take a permit before you can start with these jobs.

I'll divide them into under 15 and above 15 categories.

Part time Jobs for kids and teens under 15 can typically involve:

* Baby sitting
* Pet sitting/dog walking
* Paper boy, New paper delivery
* Delivering fliers
* Lawn and yard work
* Shoveling driveways
* Household chores/cleaning
* Errands
* Homework help/tutoring

Job options for Kids and teens above 15 years can include some more options:

* Camp counselor, Guiding and helping in camping
* Cashier, as various facilities
* Child care assistant
* City or town summer jobs program
* Fast food or restaurant
* Hospitality - hotels, resorts
* Lawn/yard maintenance
* Lifeguard
* Retail
* Resort jobs - ski resorts, vacation resorts, amusement parks
* Office Assistant

Employers in fields like retail and hospitality often are very interested in hiring teens and are willing to provide training. Search by the category of employment you're interested in. This will generate some more leads.These types of employers often don't advertise, so check with the stores or restaurants in your town to see if they have openings.

Now the tricky part of how to find such jobs? Here are few tips that might be helpful:
# Check with your school guidance office for job postings. Ask how they can assist with your job search. They may have postings for local businesses, for babysitting or for other part-time positions.
# Look Out for referrals. Tell everyone you know that you're looking for work. Speak with teachers, family, coaches, friends, parents of friends - anyone and everyone you can think of - and ask for help. Most jobs are found through referrals and people you know are often happy to assist.
# Check the newspaper help wanted want ads.
# Walk around town or the mall and look for help wanted signs in store windows.
# Make a group of friends and put up your own signs for stuff and services you can perform and offer.

How to search for Part time job options for kids and teens online?
# Browse through local classified sites. Check the part-time job sites as well. That way, you will review a broad spectrum of potential opportunities and you'll be able to decide what sounds most interesting to you.
# Go through ans search on local blogs and sites. Start your online job search by visiting the sites that focus on teen job opportunities.
# Don't forget to check the local jobs sites for your city or state, as well as the Employment Services job listings and the Help Wanted ads in your newspaper.
# Join similar forums for info from people already doing and offering such work.
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