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Online Typing Jobs You Can Start at Home

Seems everyone wants to type at home. While there are plenty of scams to be found, there really are legitimate online typing and data entry jobs available. While you may never find the exact job you want, there are many options. Here is some information you will be interested in if this is the kind of work you are searching for.

Some people don’t realize that you can actually work for yourself online, without a boss. Freelance or ghost writing allows you to be your own boss, and make very good money. There are many webmasters out there looking for good writers, and the work is easy. All you really need are good spelling and grammar skills - the research on certain topics can easily be done on the web.

Now, if you really want to make money typing at home while working for an actual employer, there are options for that as well. Typing and doing data entry online has several options, including:

1. Typing ads and short articles. You can get paid for placing ads online. Big companies need ads placed advertising their products. If someone buys from an ad you placed, you make a hefty commission. There are also data entry sites looking for people to write short articles, usually about a paragraph long.

2. Employers wanting skilled workers. There are employers looking for people with various experience such as editors, transcriptionists and coders. Web design and other more technical jobs are also available, and the database of jobs is updated frequently. These jobs can be found on membership sites that require a small one time fee. This fee covers the expenses of updating the job database, providing online help and support, and the software needed to perform some of the jobs.

For those who don’t really have any experience and want a simple way to make money, online surveys are a good way to type at home and earn as much money as you want. The more hours you put in, the more money you will make.

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