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Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Teens

Life as a teenager is hectic between school, friends, and home. That's why part-time jobs should be fun, social, and flexible. Here are some popular jobs you as a teen can work after school and on the weekends to earn extra cash.


Babysitting is a tried and tested by many way for a teenager who enjoys company of kids to make money. Neighbors, family friends, and relatives with small children often need help and want someone they know and trust. In order to offer more valuable services, teens can take classes on handling emergency situations and become certified in CPR and first aid. When a teenager proves his responsibility, reliability, and availability on a regular basis, his part-time business will be booming.

Coffee Shop

If you enjoys coffee, music, laptops, and people, then working as a barista at a coffee shop can be a great part-time job opportunity. Coffee shops often offer a peaceful atmosphere perfect for people watching. Plus, you can earn tips! If you want to serve the hip crowd, working at a coffee shop part-time after school or on the weekends could be the job for you as a teen.

Retail Clerk

Working in retail is a popular choice for teens who want to earn extra cash after school or on the weekends. Your expertise on fashion, make-up, electronics, books, or athletics can be turned from a hobby into an after-school money maker as a teen. If you choose a store you frequently visit, you'll not only enjoy your time there, you'll also benefit from the employee discounts offered!

Dog-Walking/ Pet Sitting

Many elderly neighbors, friends on vacation, and people who work long hours need help washing and walking their pets. If you as a teen enjoy working with animals and have a responsible work ethic, then this is the job for you. Your part-time business will begin to pick up once you set your reputation as a reliable and available animal lover.


Landscaping, leaf removal, and snow shoveling are booming businesses. Many people don't have the time or aren't physically capable of shoveling snow or caring for their lawn and garden. Lawn and yard work is a challenging job that entails manual labor and long hours. If you as a teen doesn't mind getting dirty and loves the outdoors, nature, and physical work, this job is right for you. You'll hone your creativity and benefit from the physical activity, while learning about responsibility, hard work, and time-management. Plus, your hard work will be on view in the community - a free advertisement for your services.

Food Services

If you as a teen are a social butterfly and love interacting with people, restaurant employment might be right for you. You can choose from such positions as cashier, host/hostess, server, bus girl, food runner, dish washer, and prep cook. Many towns have popular and unique diners and drive-ins, which make for a fun and social working environment. Food industry positions can help you develop people skills, self-esteem, and responsibility, while enjoying a bit of socializing. Most of these positions are offered as part-time jobs for teens, so school work and extracurricular activities won't be affected.


If you enjoy working with adults or kids and excels at school subjects such as math, science, English, computer software, or foreign languages, you can establish a money-making business. Tutoring younger children in school subjects or teaching adults computer knowledge, software applications, and technology are great ways to help others while earning some part-time cash. School work and other activities will stay at top priority since you can schedule your own hours of work. This opportunity will also strengthen your teaching and people skills, while solidifying your knowledge in your field of expertise.

Sports Instructor

Many teens are involved in extracurricular activities and sports during the school year. You could take your soccer, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, running, jump rope, or other athletic skill to the next level as a part-time job to earn some cash. If you are personable and like to interact with adults or kids, working as a sports instructor will be a fun experience. This is a great opportunity that will boost your confidence, provide healthy physical activity, and again improve your people skills.

Movie Theater

Free movies, free popcorn, and socializing are just a few of the benefits you get when working at a movie theater. If you as a teen are a movie buff, this is the perfect environment for you to spend your after-school or weekend hours earning extra cash. Concessions, tickets sales, ticket stubs, and usher are a few of the positions you can choose from. You can also choose to avoid the crowds and maybe catch a free flick after school or on the weekends, while working part-time as a teen.


Some teenagers have it all figured out and know which field they want to pursue. If you as a teen want to gain experience for your professional future, an internship is the best part-time employment plan for you. You can log hours at an internship after school or on the weekends to earn credit and experience. Many internships are unpaid, but the job experience can lead to future employment. If the experience is more important than the money, an internship will propel you in the right direction as you gain confidence, professional knowledge, and real-world experience.
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