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Where to find the best seasonal jobs

You may not have to look very far to find the perfect job for you. Your interests are reflected in the stores you frequent the most, and employers like to hire people who are knowledgeable and invested in their business. Here are some of the industries that get hot when it gets cool outside:

Retail jobs

This is a no-brainer. People buy more stuff during the holiday months. And they buy it at stores. Hence, more employees are needed for retail jobs. This is where you come in. Whether you want to refold shirts just yards from the mall food court or restock the aisles of your local toy store, the possibilities are endless. SuperStores such as Party City, Toys, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond will all certainly be hiring extra workers this season. Be sure to ask potential employers if they offer an employee discount; you might be able to pick up gifts, like a back-scratcher for Dad and some bubble bath for Mom, without being cheap!

Restaurant jobs

Holiday foot traffic picks up at both fast food joints, such as Pizza Hut’s and McDonald’s, as well as casual dining eateries, including Romano’s Macaroni Grill and The Cheesecake Factory. Not only are people grabbing bites on the go between shopping stops, but they’re meeting up with family and friends. And when you’re spending days slaving in the kitchen on the year’s most anticipated home-cooked meals, you need a break from the potato peeler and the turkey baster at some point. Since restaurants are open later than your typical business, there’s added flexibility in the hours for restaurant jobs. And if you’re eligible for an employee discount, free or discounted grub will help you afford grabbing gifts for the grandparents and second cousins on your list.

Resort jobs and winter wonderlands

Hotels, ski resorts and ice skating rinks see a huge increase in their business in the winter and around the holidays. Not only will you have plenty to keep you busy, but you could get a discount on ski rentals, hotel stays or free ice skating passes for you and your friends. You could also join the wait staff at a resort or hotel restaurant, in which case you could score free or discounted meals. Besides, there’s nothing like a little snow and ice to really get you into the holiday spirit.
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