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So what really defines a "typical teen job"?

If you're thinking a typical teen job is working at the local burger joint, you've only got a small piece of the picture. Teen jobs can include the "typical burger joint job" but it can also include great jobs -- jobs that give you some real world experience and teaches you career skills that can last a lifetime. Check out just a few ideas below:

Career Related Jobs

  • Interested in teaching as a career? Then tutoring students could make a great teen job.
  • How about a healthcare career? If so, check out the local hospital for job opportunities. Just the experience of being in a hospital job can go far.

Fun Jobs

  • If you're interested in having fun at your job, how about seeking out employers that do what you love. For example, do you love pets? Then go to the local zoo and soon you'll be surrounded by some of the most interesting and exotic pets around.
  • How about BMX? If you're all about the can-can, then naturally check out your closest bike shop.
Bottom line is that when searching for a teen job, it's easy to go after the "typical ones" but there's so much more out there. Learn new skills, discover your passions and make money!
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