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Teen and student jobs

So you’re in high school or college, and you’ve decided to get a job. Maybe your parents won’t pay for the new iPod you want, or maybe you need cash for clothes or car insurance. Either way, don’t just take the first job that comes along! Get the real deal on different teen jobs with our teen job buddies. Then take a look at our articles for good advice on your job search.

Food and restaurant jobs
Working in a restaurant doesn’t have to mean standing by a hot fryer all day. You can work the crowd as a host or hostess; learn amazing knife skills as a cook; or collect tips all over town as a delivery driver.

* Cook / Chef
* Delivery drivers
* Host & hostess
* Assistant managers

Retail jobs
Working retail is a rite of passage for many teens. The perks: a sweet store discount and a fun work environment. The downside: watching customers rumple up the shirts you just folded perfectly. Learn what retail jobs are really like in these articles.

* Cashiers
* Clothing store associates
* Merchandiser jobs
* Warehouse/store receivers

Customer service jobs
There are tons of jobs for teenagers that involve some kind of customer service, from housekeeping to amusement park admissions. If you’re friendly and can summon your inner Zen calm when dealing with demanding customers, service jobs are for you.

* Auto technicians
* Customer services
* Housekeepers
* Photo technicians
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